let love lead.



                                                                                             I often wonder how I got so lucky in life. I found myself so far away from my birthplace Istanbul, Turkey; living my dream life on my favourite island in the world,creating beautiful raw L.O.V.E. foods along with really funky, wind, wave and water inspired jewelry and clothes. I also teach kitesurfing and kitesurf and surf whenever the conditions are perfect. Kitesurfing is more than a sport, or a hobby or a job for me; rather a deep meditation and connection with divine forces and I am so thankful everyday to be able to harness this incredible and invisible power of wind and share it with people all ages and all walks of life...

              I love to eat and I definitely eat to live- long, happy and healthy. Food is my entertainment, my inspiration and my medicine. It feeds the mind, the body and the soul. Food is passion, art and science.  My experiences with food have taught me valuable lessons in living and loving life. Through constant and joyful experimentation, travel and repeated phases of trial and error I have discovered a cuisine I am proud to share with you.  A cuisine which combines some of the richest, purest, and wholesome wealths the world has to offer. I am blessed to have the opportunity to utilize only  the finest and most invigorating ingredients in their perfect raw and minimally processed state.

    The real secret of OMBELLY is the ingredients. Fresh, raw, activated and always organic. The alchemy is the combination of foods from around the world that nourish, protect and vitalize the body.  The taste- pure magic : )

    No more guilty pleasures, you can have your cake (chocolate) and feel good,too!  OMBELLY treats and dishes are full of living nutrients, essential amino acids, anti-oxidants and minerals. My creations pleasure your senses and feed your body. We are blessed to live in a time of such great abundance.  I am grateful to be able to share the art and love of OMBELLY with all who seek to transform their minds, bodies and spirits through the power of real food.

    Enjoy the true pleasure of great health in every bite ...

    with great thanks and love...




savory sweets
medicinal truffles

song: HOME, by Dubba Jonny